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Extends Group.


The Scene node serves as the root of a scene graph. All RoSGScreen's must have a Scene node or a node that derives from Scene as its root. That node must be created using the RoSGScreen "CreateScene" API.



backgroundURIstring""Specifies an image file to be used for the Scene's background if the useThemeBackground field is set to false.
backgroundColorcolor""Specifies a background color for the Scene. Note: This color is only used if the useThemeBackground field is set to false and the backgroundURI field is either empty or invalid.
dialogDialog nodeNULLSetting this field to a Node that's derived from Dialog causes the dialog to be displayed.
backExitsScenebooleantrueIf true, then a Back key press will cause the Scene to exit. If false then Back key presses do not cause the Scene to exit.
useThemeBackgroundbooleantrueWhen true, the background image defined by the current theme is displayed. When false, if the backgroundURI field contains an valid image filename, that image is displayed. If useThemeBackground is false and backgroundUri is empty or invalid, the display is cleared to the value in the backgroundColor field.

Theme Attributes

Theme AttributeDefault Theme ValueUse
BackgroundColor<Value from Geneva Theme>Specifies the default value for the backgroundColor field. This value is only used if the useThemeBackground field is set to false, the backgroundUri field is empty or invalid and the backgroundColor field has not been explicitly set to an alternate value.
BackgroundBitmap<Value from Geneva Theme>Specifies the default background bitmap for the Scene. This bitmap is shown when useThemeBackground is set to true.

Data Bindings


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