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Member Functions


hasField(name as String) as Boolean

TBD Return true if the subject node has a field whose name exactly matches name or whose fully lowercase analog is identical to that of name. Return false otherwise. TBD

getField(name as String) as Object

TBD Return the approproiately typed value corresponding to the subject nodes's field named name. (Note: getField() can also be called using node.field syntax (i.e. rect.getField("translation" is equivalent to rect.translation) ) TBD

setField(name as String, value as Object)

TBD Set the value of subject node's field named name to value. This will fail and stop script execution if value is not of the appropriate type. (Note: setField() can also be called using node.field syntax (i.e. rect.setField("opacity", 0.5) is equivalent to rect.opacity = 0.5) TBD

setFields(aa as Object)

TBD Set the values of subject node's fields indicated by the corresponding key. TBD

observeField(name as String,  port as roMessagePort)

TBD This will create a connection from the subject node's field named name to the given port. A "roSGNodeEvent" with the node's id and the field's name will be posted to 'port' each time the corresponding field's value changes. TBD

unobserveField(name as String)

TBD Remove the previously established connections between the node's field names name and all ports which were observing that node's field. TBD


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