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Extends: Node 


The Timer node class generates an observable event after a specified amount of time has elapsed.



Used to control the operation of the Timer node. Recognized values include:

noneNo effect
startStarts the Timer node operation
stopStops a running Timer node
repeatBooleanfalseIf set to true, the Timer node fires repeatedly, each time the specified duration field value elapses. If set to false, the Timer node only fires once until restarted.
durationtime1Specifies the time in seconds before the Timer node fires after the control field value is set to start. To specify time values down to millisecond granularity, use a float type (0.001 equals one millisecond). 

Triggers observer callback functions when the Timer node fires. Please note that the timer observer callback executes on the render thread.


The following changes the text string on the display screen every five seconds as the Timer node generates a fire field observable event.  

Timer Node Class Example
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