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  1. Return to the Developer Application Installer. There should now be a Packager option available. If this option is not available, go through the previous step and run genkey again.


    Cramfs is a file system format that loads faster than zip. Use cramfs for firmware versions 7.7 and lower. Squashfs is a file format that saves flash storage space and it decompresses faster. Note that squashfs works only for firmware 8.0 and above. Make sure you set a minFirmware dependency of v8.0 or higher when uploading a squashfs pkg to the Roku Channel Store.


  2. Click on Packager to bring up the Application Packager window. The Dev ID should match the same developer ID that was generated with genkey.

  3. Enter an App Name/Version, and enter the Password created from the genkey utility.

  4. Click Package.

  5. The following window will appear displaying the Currently Packaged Application. that the package is now available. the signed package can be downloaded using the .pkg link.