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  • Main BrightScript Thread
    This is the thread that is launched for all Roku applications from the main.brs file. For SceneGraph applications, the thread is used primarily to create the scene component object, which starts the SceneGraph render thread. For other applications, this is the only thread for the entire application.
  • SceneGraph Render Thread
    The render thread is the main SceneGraph thread that performs all rendering of the application visual elements. Certain BrightScript operations and components that might block or modify the SceneGraph in the render thread cannot be used in this thread. Operations and components that might block the render thread can be used in a Task node thread. The thread usage of these operations and components is listed in BrightScript Support.
  • Render Thread Execution Timeout

    Production Channelswill terminate after 10 seconds if the render thread blocks.
    Side Loaded Channelswill timeout in 3 seconds.
  • Task Node Threads
    By creating and running a Task node, you can launch asynchronous BrightScript threads. These threads can perform most typical BrightScript operations.