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  • Sideloaded channels can access unsigned component libraries over HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Published channels can only access unsigned component libraries over HTTPS.
  • Published channels can access signed component libraries over HTTP if the channel and the library share the same devid.

Extending Component Libraries

Available since firmware version 7.5

Components in downloadable libraries can also be extended as of firmware version 7.5.

Code Block
<Component name="customComponent" extends="aComponentLibraryName:aComponentName">


FieldTypeDefault Use
id stringno defaultSet to a unique ID for the library for the application
uriuri no defaultThe URL of the library to be downloaded
loadStatusvalue string"none"

Indicates the progress of the library download. The possible values are:

noneThe default if the library is not being downloaded
loadingLibrary is downloading

Library has downloaded successfully

failedDownload of the library has failed