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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Extends: Panel 



When the create next panel mechanism is enabled and the user presses the up or down arrow key, the panel to the right of the ListPanel smoothly fades out, then when the user releases the arrow key, a new right panel is created, added to the PanelSet and smoothly faded in. To implement this, the ListPanel automatically triggers the fade out of the right panel when the up or down arrow key is pressed. When the arrow key is released, the ListPanel will set the createNextPanelIndex field to the index into the list's content that corresponds to the newly focused list item. In response to the createNextPanelIndex field being set, the ListPanel's control logic must be written to mmediately create the Panel node for the new right panel and set the nextPanel field to that Panel. The Panel creation must occur in the main scene graph SceneGraph render thread.

The createNextPanelIndex field is guaranteed to be set exactly once whenever a new right panel needs to be created and populated with the data that corresponds to the specified index. This may happen when the ListPanel's data is changed, in response to up or down arrow key releases, or when the PanelSet's moves the focus onto the ListPanel from the left.