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GetModelType() as String

Returns a string describing what type of device it is. For future compatibility, the caller should by default assume "STB" when anything other than described value is returned. Current possible values are:

"STB" Set-top box type device.
"TV" Roku TV type device.


  • "5.1_surround_sound"
  • "can_output_5.1_surround_sound"
  • "sd_only_hardware"
  • "usb_hardware"
  • Returns a value that can be used to determine the country associated with a user’s Roku account

    1080p_hardware" (deprecated)
  • "ethernet_hardware"
  • "gaming_hardware"

    "bluetooth_hardware" (deprecated)


The "1080p_hardware" argument has been deprecated for firmware version 7.0. Channel applications should use the GetVideoMode() and CanDecodeVideo() functions instead.