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Supported Methods

Table of Contents

Description of Methods

GetID() As String

Returns the app's channel ID, e.g. "12345" or "dev".

IsDev() As Boolean

Returns true if the application is side-loaded, i.e. the channel ID is "dev".

GetVersion() As String

Returns the conglomerate version number from the manifest, e.g. "1.2.3", as formatted major_version + minor_version + build_version.

GetTitle() As String

Returns the title value from the manifest.

GetSubtitle() As String

Returns the subtitle value from the manifest.

GetDevID() As String

Returns the app's developer ID, or the keyed developer ID, if the application is side-loaded.

GetValue(key As String) As String

Returns the named manifest value, or an empty string if the entry is does not exist.