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With firmware version 7.5 and greater, the rsg_version entry in your channel's manifest will default to 1.1. To check and test different SceneGraph versions without refactoring your channel, see the guide on Debugging.


Please note that

firmware version 8 this is the final firmware that supports the “ 

support for the “rsg_version=1.0” manifest flag

; all

is deprecated as of Roku OS 8. This deprecation means that the 1.0 features continue to work in Roku OS 8, but will no longer be supported (and thus should not be expected to work) starting with the next major firmware release. All channels will have to adopt the current observer

callback model

callback model in successive firmware updates.

Event Handling

There are three types of events that can occur in a SceneGraph application that you can use to control the behavior of an application component.