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Sliding panels are a new user interface element in the Scene Graph SceneGraph API. Sliding panels allow the creation of sets of other elements, such as lists or grids, that are grouped into panels that can be moved left and right on and off the display screen. The panels can also be created (and removed) dynamically in response to user input and program behavior.


The following are the panel node classes supplied by Roku as part of the Scene Graph SceneGraph API:


Code Block
titlePanel Component XML Markup Example
<component name="categoriesListPanel" extends="ListPanel" >

<script type="text/brightscript" >

sub init() = "medium" = true = true = true = false = true = "SceneSceneGraph Graph Examples"
  m.categorieslist ="categorieslist") = m.categorieslist 
end sub



<LabelList id = "categorieslist" >

  <ContentNode role = "content" >
      title = "Renderable Nodes"  
      description = "Basic Nodes That Show Things  
      &#xA;  &#8226; Rectangle 
      &#xA;  &#8226; Label 
      &#xA;  &#8226; Poster  
      &#xA;  &#8226; Video" 
      shortdescriptionline1="Renderable Node Markup"  
      Url = "" /> 
      title = "Z-Order/Parent-Child"  
      description = "SceneSceneGraph Graph Tree Order Matters  
      &#xA;Demonstrates the basic concepts of SceneSceneGraph Graph element layering 
and inheritance. In Roku Scene GraphSceneGraph, what's on the bottom of your XML tree goes 
on top!"  
      shortdescriptionline1="Z-Order/Parent-Child Markup"  
      Url = "" />  
    <ContentNode title = "Animations"  
      description = "Fly Things Around and Flash Lights  
      &#xA;This shows you how to make your application more moving, by animating 
screen elements. There are examples for all of the field interpolator nodes, plus 
sequential and parallel animations."  
      shortdescriptionline1="Animation Markup"   
      Url = "" /> 
    <ContentNode title = "Events and Observers"  
      description = "React When Stuff Happens  
      &#xA;You need to handle events that come from both the user, and program 
actions. You'll learn to use the onKeyEvent() and observeField() SceneSceneGraph Graph

functions to do this."   
      shortdescriptionline1="Events and Observers Markup"  
      Url = "" />