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enhanced_dev_log rendezvous logrendezvous on off 2

Enable console logging of thread rendezvous. Set to off to disable.

loaded_texturesDisplays the current set of images loaded into texture memory
r2d2_bitmapsPrints a list of assets loaded into texture memory and the amount of free, used, and maximum available memory on your device, respectively.
sgnodes all 1Prints every existing node created by the currently running channel
sgnodes roots 1Prints every existing node without a parent created by the currently running channel. The existence of these un-parented nodes means they are being kept alive by direct BrightScript references. These could be in variables local to a function, arrays, or associative arrays, including a component global m or an associative array field of a node.
sgnodes node_ID 1Prints nodes with an id field set to node_ID, except it, bypasses all the hierarchy and rules and just runs straight down the whole list in the order of node creation. It will list multiple nodes if there are several that match.

sgperf start|clear|report|stop 2

This command provides basic node operation performance metrics. This command tracks all node operations by a thread, whether it's being created or an operation on an existing node, and whether it involves a rendezvous.
  • start - enables counting
  • clear - resets counters to zero
  • report - prints current counts with rendezvous as a percentage
  • stop - disables counting
sgversion force or default 1.0 or 1.1

This command can be used to change the observer callback model and can also override the default rsg_version specified in the manifest. For example, sgversion force 1.0 will set rsg_version=1.0 regardless of what is specified in the manifest. With default, it will set the default rsg_version when it is not specified in the manifest. Changing the rsg_version will require restarting the channel, but these changes will not survive a device reboot.


Please note that support for the “rsg_version=1.0” manifest flag is deprecated as of Roku OS 8. This deprecation means that the 1.0 features continue to work in Roku OS 8, but will no longer be supported (and thus should not be expected to work) starting with the next major firmware release. All channels will have to adopt the current observer callback model in successive firmware updates.

fps_ display 3

The command displays frames-per-second and free memory on-screen. Leverage this tool to optimize your channel UI.

Following are the commands to use the fps meter:

  • fps_display 1 turns on the fps meter. It presents a 1-second moving average of the current frame rate
  • fps_display 0 turns the meter back off