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A ZoomRowList is a vertically scrolling list of ZoomRowItem's. ZoomRowItem refers to a horizontally scrolling row or items plus any annotations such as title or counter. In the diagram below, the light blue rectangle identifies what's included in a ZoomRowItem.

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ZoomRowItem's consist of four parts:


The rowWidth field specifies the maximum width of items in each Row before the item's wrap. If the total width of the items in the row is less than rowWidth, the focus will float left and right as the user navigates the row. If the total width of the items in the row exceeds rowWidth, the focus will stay fixed on the left and the items will animate left and right as the use navigates the row. In this case, the value of the rowWidth field has also been used to specify the position of the Row Counter.

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Zoomed and Unzoomed Row Layout Parameters