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So we start by defining the basic dimensions and configuration of our example PosterGrid node in the <children> element of postergridscene.xml:


Code Block
    id = "examplePosterGrid" 
    basePosterSize = "[ 512, 288 ]" 
    caption1NumLines = "1" 
    numColumns = "2" 
    numRows = "2" 
    itemSpacing = "[ 20, 20 ]" />


The basePosterSize field value should be set to the size of the graphic images in the grid. As with a Poster node, the actual downloaded image sizes may be different, and will be scaled to the size specified by the basePosterSize field value. Again, as with a Poster node, for the absolute best appearance of your graphic images in the grid, the downloaded image sizes should exactly match the basePosterSize field value.


Note how the content meta-data attributes for each PosterGrid node item are set according to the attribute descriptions listed in Content Meta-Data and PosterGrid:


Code Block
<Content >
    hdgridposterurl = "" 
    shortdescriptionline1 = "Rectangle Node" 
    x = "0" y = "0" />