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itemComponentNamestring""Specifies the name of a XML component for the group items. An instance of this component is created on demand for each visible item of the group. The XML component must define a specific interface as detailed in TargetGroup XML Component below.
contentContentNodenoneSpecifies the content for the group. See Data Bindings below for more details.
targetSetTargetSetinvalidSpecifies the TargetSet to use to define the target regions of the items in the group. When set or modified, the target regions are immediately adjusted to use the new values.
defaultTargetSetFocusIndexint0For TargetSet's that do not specify a focusIndex, this value will be used as the index of the TargetSet where the focused item is located. If a TargetSet specifies any value for the focusIndex, that value will be used instead of defaultTargetSetFocusIndex.
wrapBooleanfalseSpecifies whether the content items wraparound at the end of the TargetGroup to fill all of the targets rectangles.
durationTime0.3 secondsSpecifies the time, in seconds, to perform the animation when the animateToItem or animateToTargetSet fields are set.
showTargetRectsBooleanfalseSpecifies whether the current target rectangles (as defined in the read-only currTargetSet field's TargetSet) are drawn or not. Typically this would only be set to true while debugging a channel, although in some use cases its possible that you might want to display the current target rectangles. The rectangles are drawn using the color in the targetSet's TargetSet node's color field.
As the TargetGroup animation occurs, this field is constantly updated to represent the index of the ContentNode currently occupying the focus target region. When currFocusItemIndex is an integer value, the specified ContentNode occupies the focus target. When currFocusItemIndex has a fractional part, the value indicates that an animation is in process. For example, a value of 5.7 would indicate that items 5 and 6 are currently overlapping the focus region, with item 6 occupying 70% and item 5 the other 30%.

As the TargetGroup animation occurs that is initiated by setting the animateToTargetSet field, currTargetSet contains the current values of the target regions as the animation proceeds from the initial TargetSet's targets to the new TargetSet's targets.

When a group item is selected, set to the index of the selected item.
When a group item gains the key focus, set to the index of the focused item.
When a group item loses the key focus, set to the index of the unfocused item.
When set to a valid item index, causes the group to immediately update so that the specified index moves to the target region specified by the TargetSet's focusIndex.
When set to a valid item index, causes the group to quickly scroll so that the specified index moves into the to the target region specified by the TargetSet's focusIndex.

When set to a valid TargetSet, causes the group to quickly animate so that the target regions of the initial TargetSet node are smoothly interpolated to the corresponding target regions of the new TargetSet node. If the two TargetSet's focusIndex fields are different, the focusIndex is also animated from the old to the new value.

Note that if the number of rectangles in the new TargetSet's targetRects field does not match the number of rectangles in the current TargetSet's targetRects field, the results are undefined.