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The roSocketAddress is used by the roStreamSocket and roDataGramSocket components for TCP and UDP traffic respectively.

Supported Interfaces


roSocketAddress currently only support ipv4 addresses.
This object is created without any arguments:

  • CreateObject("roSocketAddress")


Returns a string representing the ipv4 address in dotted decimal:port format.

Example: ""

Boolean setAddress(String address)

Sets the ipaddress to the dotted decimal:port string Example: "" or hostname Example: "".

DNS lookup done if address is in hostname format.

Returns true on success.

Integer getPort()

Returns an Integer that is the 32 bit ipv4 port value.

Boolean setPort(Integer port)

Sets the ipv4 port value to the passed 32 bit Integer value.

Returns true on success.

String getHostName()

Returns the string value of the hostname the component is set to.

Boolean setHostName()

Sets the string value of the hostname of the component

Returns true on success.

Boolean isAddressValid()

Returns true if the component contains a valid ipAddress.

Does a DNS lookup if the component currently has a hostname but not an ipAddress. And returns the result after the lookup.Methods in ifSocketAddress  are used to assign an IP address to the object.  roSocketAddress currently supports only IPV4 addresses.