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For non-standard ad responses, ads are imported from a non-standard feed, neither VMAP, VAST or SmartXML. RAF is configured as if for a standard feed, with backfill ads disabled and extra debug output enabled. Ads are parsed from local JSON file, then formatted as an ad pods array, and imported into RAF using the importAds() method. After that, the sample checks for particular ads to play by passing video playback events to the RAF getAds() method inside event loop. If any ads were returned from getAds(), they are rendered using the RAF showAds() method. For the Scene Graph example, after importAds(), the sample checks for particular ads to play by passing fake video events created with createPlayPosMsg() to the RAF getAds() method before event-loop (preroll ads) and inside it (midroll/postroll ads). If any ads were  returned from getAds(), they are rendered using the RAF showAds() method.

Release Notes

Version 2.5 – 05/2018

  • Major rework of RAF's diagnostic output to BrightScript console
    • Warning messages (prefixed with "[RAF.err]") are always printed for known potential problems. Note that these are just additional diagnostics - they do not change the library's behavior, as compared to previous versions.
    • Substantially more information is printed when in setDebugOutput(true) mode: method call arguments and return values, URL macros expansion, ad XML/parsed, etc.
  • New interactive templates by BrightLine/Innovid
  • Bug fixes
  • RAF 2.5 is deployed to devices with Roku OS 8.0 and above

Version 2.– 03/2018

  • New feature: JIT ("Just In Time") ad resolution for VMAP, SmartXML to reduce overhead incurred by prefetching all ad pods before content playback starts 

  • New feature: RIA ("Roku Interactive Ads") to allow rendering of Roku interactive ad overlays for OTT content (previously only available for ACR on linear content)

  • BrightLine bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Innovid bug fixes and new templates ("User Satisfaction Survey" and "Skippable" interactive ads)