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Supported Methods

Description of Methods

SetAddress(address as String) as Boolean

Sets the IPV4 address to the string. The string consists of a hostname, optionally followed by a colon and a decimal port number.  The hostname may be either dotted quad (such as "") or a DNS name (such as ""). If a name is given, a DNS lookup is performed to convert it to dotted quad. Use IsAddressValid() to determine the result of the DNS lookup.

Example: "" or "".

Returns true on success.

GetAddress() as String

Returns the IPV4 address in dotted quad form.

Example: ""

SetHostName(hostname as String) as Boolean

Sets the hostname.  The port number is unchanged.

Returns true on success.

GetHostName() as String

Returns the hostname.

SetPort(port as Integer) as Boolean

Sets the port number.  The hostname is unchanged.

Returns true on success.

GetPort() as Integer

Returns the port number.

IsAddressValid() as Boolean

Returns true if the component contains a valid IP address.


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